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The Wedding Cake That Could Torpedo LGBT Equality

Samantha Allen This is no mere civil suit between neighbors anymore—this is the nationwide judicial aftershock of the 2015 same-sex marriage decision that has somehow taken the bizarre but deeply symbolic form of cake . It is the nagging and persistent question that anti-LGBT groups and LGBT advocacy groups have been sparring over until it came to a head at a particularly inopportune moment. And the decision will affect not just one baker and two gay men, but millions of people. It’s easy to see how SCOTUS allowing business owners to deny services for same-sex weddings—yes, even when that service is “just cake”—could significantly narrow options for LGBT people living in deeply religious parts of this country or, in the worst-case scenario, open up room for discriminatory signs like the one that Sarah Huckabee Sanders “believe[s]” the president would accept. A decision in favor of Masterpiece—depending on its exact shape—could create a world of hurt for LGBT people at a time when we are already hurting . I know from my Facebook feed that I wasn’t the only LGBT person who had trouble getting through this week, as we watched the arguments trickle out from behind closed doors, with the bad takes—like Brooks’ op-ed—following close behind. I watched the despondent posts from my friends as the blogosphere began circulating some of the justices’ discouraging remarks. But I think what pricked me most was the implication from the baker’s defense team that—in part because Phillips “offered the couple anything in his store” like “additional cakes, custom cakes, that would express other messages”—his denial of service could not be compared to denying service to an interracial couple. “[W]e know that objection would be based to who the person is, rather than what the message is,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner in response to questions from Justice Elena Kagan, the implication being that Phillips’ objection wasn’t the fact that his clients were gay, but the fact that they were getting married. He would sell them any other kind of cake, but not a wedding cake. That argument, as Posner noted for The Nation , seemed to catch on with Kennedy who told the ACLU attorney at one point, “Your identity thing is just too facile,” noting that Phillips could easily make the point that, “It’s not their identity—it’s what they’re doing.” But when you’re queer, how can you possibly separate the two?

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